5 Reasons Why You Should Start Wearing MicroModal Underwear

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If you're looking for the best quality underwear you've come to the right place. At Trendies we put emphasis on implementing the latest textile innovations with focus on natural fibres and sustainable production processes. Our most used fabric is MicroModal.

MicroModal is a relatively new fabric made of renewably-grown beech wood trees. It is then spun into a fine fabric that has the softness of silk and the breathability of cotton. Its closed-loop manufacturing process dramatically reduces waste and energy use making it not only a better choice for you but also for the planet.

A few reasons why you should invest in MicroModal


    1. Supremely soft and comfortable

      MicroModal is lightweight, soft like silk and creates a supreme feeling like of a second skin. It’s three times softer than cotton. It’s stretchy and smoothly fits against your body.

      2. Keeps you dry

        MicroModal is 50% more absorbent than cotton. Cotton tends to retain more liquid and can cause serious discomfort. MicroModal, on the other hand, draws moisture off the surface of your skin and then up through the material, keeping you cool and comfortable whether you are at the gym, enjoying a hot summer day or grinding at work.

        3. Keeps its shape and colours longer

          Don’t let the silky texture of MicroModal fool you. It’s more resistant than many other fabric as it’s made from natural beech wood fibres. It is extremely durable to machine washing and drying. It doesn’t shrink like cotton, resists wrinkling and its colouring doesn’t fade easily.

          4. Highly breathable

            MicroModal in itself possesses extreme breathability along with its higher moisture-wicking properties, which enable it to let out any heat, perspiration or odour. 

            5. Sustainable

              MicroModal is made of renewably-grown beech wood trees. Its production process uses a closed loop system which allows for 95% of the production materials and chemicals to be reclaimed. This helps to reduce emissions while also using fewer natural resources. MicroModal is not only heavenly soft but also sustainable which makes it a great choice for conscious buyers.


              The combined experience of its supreme softness and comfortable fit against your body make MicroModal a great choice for underwear and other intimate apparel.

              Learn more about how the Trendies membership can change your underwear drawer. Try our MicroModal undies and you will never want to go back to regular undies again.