We’re here to be your monthly reminder to slow down and treat yourself.

Taking care of yourself is not selfish. Trendies was founded with the goal to encourage people to make more time for themselves. We live stressful fast-paced lives which often make us forget to slow down and appreciate who we are. Underwear is one of the most intimate items we own and an unavoidable part of our daily routine, yet it’s often forgotten and overlooked.


to reinvent the way you shop for underwear

…because we all deserve to feel on top of the world even when we’re wearing nothing but a fresh pair of undies.


Fabrics that redefine comfort and quality. We put high emphasis on using sustainable, closed-loop fabrics which deliver a superior experience. We prioritise natural fibres, but also use synthetics when they have a clear performance or durability advantage.


At Trendies, we are looking to build environmentally responsible operations that create high-quality, low-impact products. We carefully consider our materials and partners. As a business we are committed to continuous improvement in our sustainability efforts.