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MicroModal Boxer Trunks

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Our MicroModal Boxer Trunks are crafted with your manhood in mind. We took our softest material and paired it up with the best fitting underwear that you’ll ever come across. After you put them on, you will instantly feel the difference and will never want to go back to those old, boring, non-sustainable cotton boxers hiding in your drawer.

What is MicroModal? 

MicroModal is a high-end fabric made from Austrian beechwood trees. It is extremely soft, like 3x-softer-than-cotton soft. It is sustainably produced, static-resistant and ultra cozy. MicroModal is resistant to wrinkles, feels lightweight on your skin and will not lose its color after repeated washes. Since it is a natural material it is extremely breathable with a 50% higher absorbency rate compared to normal cotton, making it perfect for warm weather and heated workouts.